Vote: T-Shirts

So I’ve had a couple people ask about t-shirt designs and wanted to get some feedback to gauge interest. I have a couple questions for everyone…

1. Which T-Shirt design is your favorite?

2. Would you be interested in buying one?

3. How much would you pay?

Please leave your vote in the comment section.

Option 1: Chris Paul

Option 2: Michael Jordan

Option 3: MLK

Option 4: JR Rider

Option 5: D Wade


6 responses to “Vote: T-Shirts

  1. Benjamin Lichwick

    gotta go with MJ, bro!
    try some on in different color shirts.
    good luck, man.

  2. Are you selling any of the NBA player tees ?

  3. Hey man,

    I searched “Michael Jordan Wings” to buy one of the prints — then I saw your image and it’s amazing..all your work is awesome.

    Just thought I’d let you know that I’m a big fan…I just liked you on Facebook. I’ll hopefully be ordering some stuff soon!

    Any of these shirts available?

  4. Thanks! Shoot me an email at when your ready to order some stuff

  5. I wholeheartedly vote for JR …

    Good stuff, man!

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