Not Flattered At All

So after doing some google searches based on how the statistics from WordPress tells me people have found my blog, I came across a couple pictures that looked familiar. As you can see below, some clown by the name of eccentrik_designs had the beans to go ahead an steal my work and claim it as his.

Since last night, he has taken the pics down but the proof is below. Who knows who else this guy is stealing from but I did find his Chris Brown very similar to an artist I found online while doing a search. Hmmm.

What do you guys think? I’m upset!! AND this guy had the nerve to be trying to sell these!

I’m all for being inspired by someone’s work. Shit, I didn’t invent stencils. I was inspired by a student from MCAD. I see hundreds of stencils and dope designs everyday. And I try and support artist when I can. If i see a cool poster, stencil or something I’m all for buying it, not recreating it and calling it my own.

Ryan Fors Design Kid Cudi Art Painting Stolen

Ryan Fors Design Drake Lil Wayne Young Money Art Painting Stolen


5 responses to “Not Flattered At All

  1. You can try to report his site, if you have not already!

    I would be extremely mad if I were you.

  2. Yeah — really hard to be flattered..unfortunately it seems to be a very common thing.
    You’re work is legit though, man! It’s hard to find anything similar.

  3. You’re still the best in the biz.

  4. I’m just surprised he had the balls to just straight redo my work and try to sell it. He took it down though.

  5. That’s messed up man, both of yours are way sicker than his though. If he would’ve given you the credit for your work, and not claimed them as his own, would that still bother you? Like if he said i didn’t come up with the actual designs/stencils, they’re by an artist i found online named ryan fors.

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