Pretty things, inspirations, design and stencils by Ryan Fors

I’m an artist, designer, illustrator, and all-around creative person. I focus on an application of mix-media by fusing illustration, spray paint & digital art as stencils. I love design and things that make you stop and look. I have a thing for splatters, splashes, drips and all things grungy. I love hip-hop, sports and shoes. I’m inspired by happiness and good people.

You can see more of my stencil work at RYANFORS.COM

The pricing for the stencils depend on size and are from $50 to $250.

I’m open for requests and personal designs. I’ve done everything from Method Man to a Mother/Daughter stencil. If you have something or someone in mind let me know.

I can be emailed at info@ryanfors.com


6 responses to “About

  1. Love you work, I enjoy stenciling myself but always have the hardest time finding high quality large sized photos to play around with. Where do you get your stock photos?

  2. So you dont use photoshop or anything? I do mad stencils and a yours are soo clean. I dont even know where you would start to making these without some sorrt of help by technology, Any tips you could give me?


    • No Photoshop. I do use Illustrator to do my illustrations/vector work. But I do not use any filters or anything. Everything is done by hand, from illustrating, to cutting, to spraying and splattering

  3. what material do you cut your stencils out of, i usually use paper but it is starting to get annoying, my lines are bleeding and the paint is building up at the edges any suggestions?

    • I use a thicker semi-gloss poster paper. Paper seems to hold up for about 10-12 sprays. After that the paint builds up so much I get alot of underspray.

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