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D Rose – Work In Progress

Derrick Rose Ryan Fors Chicago Bulls Stencil Art Design NBA Illustration

Since the playoffs started and D.Rose put the Bulls on his back I thought I’d post an update on my D.Rose piece. I’ll try and finish this one this week. Thoughts?


New Lebron James Print

Lebron James Print Ryan Fors Design Art Stencil Miami Heat Wade Bosh Big 3 NBA Jordan

New Lebron James print. Available tomorrow at Studiiyo23 in mpls or my NEW online store

• 11″ x 17″
• Signed, numbered and stamped
• Only 20 prints available

If you haven’t been to Studiiyo23, you need to wake up! Hottest store in town Minnesota!!!

**Print comes without the logo/watermark**


Ryan Fors Design Randy Moss

Unfinished Randy Moss drawing. I have not used colored pencils in about 10 years and I’m scared I’ll eff this one up so I just may keep it unfinished.

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Method Man

Ryan Fors Design

Found some old school drawings that I wanted to start posting because I think they are still nice so many years later. This is a Method Man drawing I did for my last Illustration class at Brown, done in colored pencil. The instructor of this class HATED me, I dunno why but she did. She gave me a B- on this piece. I wonder where Anita is now?

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Ryan Fors Design

2Pac drawing I did 11 years ago in school. It was done with all dots and cross-hatching. I don’t even remember how many hours this took and I don’t think I would attempt to do this again. Still looks good 11 years later! I gotta find and scan a Method Man and Randy Moss drawings I did in school. Below are a couple closer pics.

KiD CuDi

Ryan Fors

Poster for a fake KiD CuDi show. Pretty much love everything this guy does musically. Also some extra type below.

Ryan Fors Design


"Ryan Fors"

Here is a piece I did for a friend in Vegas for the upcoming tournament. Shirts are on the way. Hoping to get one signed by Phil Ivey. Get it done Ben!